INGENii - Interactive Podiatry Unit

INGENii is the latest Podiatry Unit developed by BTC, equipped with an interactive operating system and provided with a level of technological innovation never reached before.
INGENii is the result of innovative technical and engineering solutions that guarantee maximum ergonomics and functionality to professionals during all Podiatry treatments. BTC filed 2 patents for the interactivity and ergonomics of the Unit.
INGENii is the result of a state of the art design, subject to community registration, guaranteeing a modern and essential style in every single detail.

INGENii is a modern Podiatry Unit, able to combine intuitive technology of use, with innovative ergonomic solutions ensuring exceptional comfort for the operator. The Unit is made up of two cabinets - a technical compartment and a drawers storage - which can be oriented and positioned according to the available space and following the most correct positioning of the operator. The instrument tablet and
the 10-inch touchscreen control panel are connected to a triple articulated arm allowing the best operational ergonomics. The control panel with touchscreen has been designed to guarantee a whole range of multimedia functions able to support the daily work of the professional, allowing the management of all the functions of the Unit, as well as the display of alarms and information.

Main Features:
- 10’’ touch screen
- Main structure steel and front drawers painted with epoxy powders
- 8 medical grade wheels, 4 on front with locking brake
- Front drawers with Push Pull opening
- BTC AIR brushless micromotor with suction
- BTC Ghibli brushless micromotor with spray
- Syringe with 3 functions: air, water and spray
- Motorized instrument tray support arm
- Pair of electro-permanent triggers for the detachment of the cabinet
- 60 cm support arm for lighting.
- UV compartment with LED light
- Corian® worktop
- Corian® shelf
- Brushless integrated suction motor Long Life and dust container inside the technical compartment.
- Progressive foot control
- Integrated compressor inside the technical compartment. Flow rate 70 l/min.
- Courtesy LED light underneath the Corian worktop.

INGENii is equipped with a latest generation 10-inch (capacitive) touch screen integrated in a light and solid case made in anodized aluminum. The software, developed by BTC on a Linux basis, is able to manage all daily activities of the professional and it is designed to provide a whole series of multimedia contents useful for his work.
When activated, INGENii allows you to choose and name the operator with which you connect. The BTC operating system is able to create and customize up to 5 different operators, including all the desired settings referring to all individual accounts.
INGENii can be connected to both Wi-Fi and LAN and control all functions of the patient chair, thanks to
the XBee RF module.
- Press HOME to come back to the main page
- FAVORITES bar customizable by the Operator allows a quick recall of the most frequently browsed sections
- MACHINE STATUS icon for real-time feedback on the operating status of the Unit
- Date and time are always clearly visible
Some welcome icons allow you to use all the functions of the INGENii Unit:

■ PODIATRY UNIT                              ■ USER MANUAL
■ CHAIR                                              ■ DOOR OPENER
■ OPERATING LAMP                          ■ AGENDA
■ UV DRAWER                                    ■ SERVICE HOUR COUNTER
■ MONITOR                                         ■ SETTINGS
■ CAMERA                                           ■ LANGUAGE
From the “UNIT” APPLICATION” it is possible to manage:
- Dynamic instruments (Spray micromotor, Suction micromotor, turbine and syringe)
- The orientation of the tablet
- Detachment of the drawers storage
- Lighting
- The UV compartment
- The camera or the external screen, if they are present.
INGENii is equipped with the mm Spray BTC Ghibli micromotor. The micromotor is brushless and is suitable for LED light. The maximum rotation speed is 40,000 rpm, the handpiece connection is ISO type and is guaranteed 24 months by BTC. From the touchscreen, it is
possible to adjust the speed, as well as to store and recall 8 memorized speeds, then activate / deactivate the
spray function, then reverse the rotation of the bur or turn on/off the handpiece light. According to the selected
speed, the correct diameter of the most suitable bur to use is displayed and highlighted.
INGENii i is equipped with the mm Aspi BTC Air. The brushless micromotor is equipped with a handpiece integrated into a suction system. The maximum rotational speed is 40,000 rpm. 24 months warranty provided by BTC. From the touchscreen, it is possible to adjust the speed, as well as to store and recall 8 memorized speeds, then activate / deactivate the  suction engine, then reverse the rotation of the bur. According to the selected speed, the correct diameter of the most suitable bur to use is displayed and highlighted.
INGENii i is designed for the installation of a Bravia L (equipped with Led) or Thalia turbine. From the touchscreen, it is possible to adjust the speed, as well as to store and recall 8 memorized speeds, then activate / deactivate the spray function or switch on the OFs.
Bravia L: high speed turbine equipped with ceramic ball bearings, triple spray, bright lighting and ergonomic structure. Easy to clean surface.
Thalia: single spray and high torque turbine and fixed connection. The turbine is lightweight, easy to clean.
INGENii is equipped with a 3-function syringe: air, water and spray. The tip and the handle are easily removable to ensure perfect disinfection and sterilization in autoclave (135 °).
INGENii s equipped with a motorized arm allowing a 15 cm height excursion of the instrument’s tablet. Run by a linear actuator, it guarantees perfect ergonomics.
INGENii is equipped with a pair of electromagnets keeping the two sections of the Cabinet together, allowing them to be separated when this function is activated via touch screen. To rejoin the Cabinet again, simply move the drawer’s mmstorage to the technical compartment: the magnetic system will automatically attract both parts.
Thanks to the XBee radio frequency module, INGENii is able to control the Chair connected to the Unit, via the touch screen. From the panel it is possible to control single movements of the Chair, lock and recall memorized positions. During any single Chair movement, the touchscreen shows the operator the corresponding 3D graphics of that movement. It is possible to combine both the EDGE and MOTION range of Chairs.
INGENii i is equipped with a 60 cm support arm for lighting. The configuration is to be completed with a Lamp at choice among BTC range. The Lamp will be powered by an integrated system into the Unit and will be controlled via the touch screen panel.
INGENii i is equipped with a UV drawer with LED light. U-V LED Light (60 led/m strip), 365nm wavelength.
The touch screen panel allows the UV light to be turned on and off. The UV drawer is approximately 15 cm high.
It is also equipped with aluminum trays. The engraving on the front drawer allows the Operator to check the ignition of the UV compartment at a glance.
INGENii i can be equipped with a camera and/or external monitors to be connected via USB. Both USB outputs can be enabled / disabled by the touch screen panel.
INGENii allows the Operator to archive images or videos if they are present in the USB key. The Gallery section will provide a view of all archived files.
INGENii allows the Operator to consult all the User Manuals (INGENii and combined Chair User Manual). The User Manuals section also presents videos for proper and correct use of the Unit as well as its routine maintenance.
INGENii allows a door to be opened with an electric lock, if it is connected to the Unit.
INGENii i provides an Agenda allowing the Professional to directly manage any appointments from the Unit. The calendar is available both offline and synchronized with Google Calendar. A reminder message is displayed 10 minutes before any appointment at the top of the touchscreen, regardless of which page is open.
INGENii,  records hours worked by the Unit and critical components into the Counter section. The number of hours is useful to schedule any maintenance activity.

INGENii can be set up in 5 languages. All texts and icons are translated into the selected language.
INGENii i is equipped with a Setting panel, providing the Unit with a high level of customization.
Unit name: customize the name of INGENii, visible on the Homepage of the touch screen.
Software version: displays the software version of the electronic boards mounted on the Unit. A software update can be performed via USB or via Wi-Fi / LAN connection.
Serial Number Information: displays the serial numbers of the Unit’s components, allowing a quick communication with the technical support and providing the necessary information for an immediate identification of the components.
Operator settings: allows to create and manage Operator profiles working with INGENii. Each Operator manages their own settings (both for dynamic instruments and for the Chair) while managing their own range of multimedia contents.
Screen adjustment: allows to choose the image of INGENii also providing the possibility of using a personalized image via USB key.
Favorite setting: to customize the icons of the Favorites sidebar. Simply drag the icon you want to be displayed.
Date and Time: Allows to set the date and time in case the unit is offline. When connected to the LAN or Wi-Fi network, the date and time are automatically updated by the system.
Courtesy lights adjustment: allows to adjust the intensity of the courtesy lights.
Text settings: allows to change the text format according to the Operator’s choice.
INGENii is manufactured with a steel structure painted with epoxy powders, able to ensure the maximum resistance over time.
INGENiis equipped with powder coated steel front drawers with Push Pull opening system. The absence of handles provides easy cleaning and disinfection.The front drawers can be customized with a color at choice among the wide range of RAL colors available.
INGENii i is equipped with 8  medical grade wheels, 4 at the front are equipped with locking brakes.The swivel wheel is equipped with a polyamide support, as well as the central section of the wheel. The side band is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. Diameter 75 mm.

The front drawers are equipped with Push-Pull guiding rails with a stabilizer bar. Opening by a simple pressing on any spot of the front drawer.
The two lower drawers are also available in a Push-Pull version provided with an impact-resistant stainless steel reinforcement plate and open/ closing system by foot.
The courtesy light is useful for illuminating the inside
compartment of the drawer, the light intensity is adjustable by the Settings section of the touch screen.
Hot bending Corian® worktop. Corian® meets the stringent design requirements for medical environments. Easy to clean and maintain. LGA certified for its hygienic properties (stability against bacteria). Smooth, nonporous and no welding surface, extremely durable overtime and impact resistant.
Below the drawers storage worktop, a removable Corian® shelf provides the Operator with a desk, where to place the Wi-Fi keyboard or mouse in combination with the touch screen.
The base of the Cabinet consists of a technical compartment and a drawer storage. The two sections are independent and can be positioned at will, in order to ensure the maximum ergonomics to the Operator.

The two Cabinets are adjustable from 0 to 30 ° allowing the Operator to adapt the Unit to the available area.
The rotation is guaranteed by steel bearings.
The two sections remain attached by means of two electromagnets which can be released by the corresponding function activated by the touch screen.

The instrument tablet is mounted on a support arm with triple articulation in order to provide the Operator with a perfect orientation.
The dynamic instruments are housed in an aluminum case equipped with an infrared presence sensor. When the instrument is held out, the integrated system automatically opens the instrument function page.
The instruments are provided on an adjustable handle (0-20 °) to allow the Operator to adjust the angle of the instruments.
Below the shelf, a removable tray is available with a small aluminum tray to store the tools during treatments. The tray can be removed if necessary.
Below the shelf, a removable tray is available with a small aluminum tray to store the tools during treatments. The tray can be removed if necessary.
The touch screen is adjustable and removable for perfect positioning.
The panel is integrated into a sturdy and stylish anodized aluminum frame equipped with a side handle to allow handling.
The frame is fixed to a hinge and a linear guide allowing smooth movements.
The door hosts a compartment for the suction motor filter and the distilled water tank. Easy access for the operator in charge of ordinary maintenance.

Brushless suction engine LONG LIFE integrated inside the cabinet.

Chip blower function is activated by pressing the lever Spray is activated by pressing the lever while the instrument is rotating.

Integrated compressor inside the lower drawer of the storage. It provides air jet in support of pneumatic and electric devices (70 l/min.).


80 colours available:
The visible-resolution graphics on a computer screen may be different from the natural color of the coating. Always consult the color chart provided by BTC