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Vacuum Press Eolia HM

The EOLIA range of Vacuum Press is made up of EOLIA (cold version) EOLIA HM and EOLIA HM DIGIT (heating versions).
The large size of the workplate allow the simultaneous realise of a pair of insoles.
The Vacuum system ensures maximum reliability and no maintenance.
The EOLIA Vaccum Press only needs compressed air (40 lt / min).
The maximum Vacuum is reached in less than 20sec.
Size: 576 x 436 x H 188 mm.
The HM range features a high quality teflon heating frame.
High power allows the Operator to quickly reach working temperature.
HM range is the ultimate device for professional thermoforming of postural insoles.
All HM range is equipped with automatic safety systems against overheating.
EOLIA HM is equipped with analog knob for temperature and time adjustment.
The timer control allows the Operator to set up the time of thermoforming and displays the end of the work cycle.

- Power supply: 230 V - 50Hz,
- Electric absorption: 1500 W;
- Air line inlet;
- In feed pressure: 5.0 – 7.0 bar;
- Flow-rate: 36 Nl/min;
- Connection pipe diam: 6x4;
- Ambient working temperature and humidity: 10° - 38°C, 45 - 95 %;
- Weight: 32 kg.