3 Motion Podiatry Chair

3MOTION is the brand new range of operating Podiatry Chairs conceived to meet the needs of the most demanding Professionals. The innovative design combined with the elegant and harmonious lines, guarantee a pleasant working environment for both the Patient and the Operator.
3MOTION Podiatry Chairs are developed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.
Anti-shock safety system electronically set the lift, tilt and back-rest movements, allowing the Operator to use the chair even in a small working environment operating a wire-less pedal.
The maximum leg-rest height can be adjusted up to 145cm, allowing  the Operator to work in standing  position.
The electrically activated movements of lift, tilt and back-rest guarantee a perfectly ergonomical use of the 3MOTION Podiatry Chair.
The chair (R version) can smoothly rotate 115 degrees left and right and is equipped with a foot locking system for a perfect positioning of the Patient.
Lifting capacity of the Chair is 225 kg.

 Zero position of the chair.
3MOTION Podiatry Chair automatically reaches "0" position to facilitate the access and the exit of the Patient.
3MOTION Podiatry Chair reaches the height of 145 cm at maximum  leg-rest extension.
3MOTION Podiatry Chair can horizontally rotate 230 °
The lever allows the Operator to rotate and stop the rotation of the chair. The lever gives the Operator the opportunity to friction the rotation movement.
3MOTION Podiatry Chair can reach a perfect flat position at any height, for the maximum comfort of the Operator while performing a clinical examination or professional treatment.
Maximum height 95 cm.
Synchronized collapseable padded arm-rests for easy access of the Patient. Always parallel with the seat. PROVIDED IN THE STANDARD VERSION.
Telescopic leg-rest opening at 90° and performing a vertical movement of 90° adjustable by the handles on the sides. PROVIDED IN THE STANDARD VERSION
The leg-rest can stretch 200mm on its support axis.
3MOTION is operated by a foot control (wireless option available) with modern design and extremely intuitive. Easy to operate and to clean, the foot control provides the Professional with an ergonomic and efficient working tool, useful to position the Patient comfortably and memorize different working or safety positions. The foot control has 6 buttons to operate the 3 actuators and move the Chair sections ; it is also provided with 3 memorizable positions buttons (M1,M2,M3) and the easy Patient Access-Exit position (M0). PROVIDED IN THE STANDARD VERSION
Wireless foot control. OPTIONAL

80 colours available:
The visible-resolution graphics on a computer screen may be different from the natural color of the coating. Always consult the color chart provided by BTC