• Kompass Style M2 Chair
  • Kompass Style M2 Chair, blue
  • Kompass Style M2 Chair, violet
  • Kompass Style M2 Chair, gold
  • Kompass Style M2 Chair, torquoise
  • Kompass Style M2 Chair, light green

Kompass Style M2 Podiatry Chair

KOMPASS is an innovative Podiatry Chair.
Solid structure on-castors tubular base: the rear castors allowing the lift movement while the front ones allow the rotation of the Chair. The brake integrated on one of the front wheels (right or left) enables the Operator to lock the rotation movement.
Kompass Podiatry Chair is equipped with high quality seamless upholstery in a wide range of colors.

Kompass Style M2 Podiatry Chair main features:
Base structure painted in WHITE or GREY.
Electric Podiatry Chair with lifting movement adjustable by LINAK linear actuator.
Tilt movement 0–25°  synchronized with the lifting one.
Back-rest movement adjusted by Linak electric actuator.
Extendeable leg-rests: splay angle of 30° + 30° and lifting movement of 0-90°.
High quality seamless upholstery.
Lifting capacity of 225 Kg

Kompass Style M1 Podiatry Chair: Same features as the Podiatry Chair Kompass Style M2 but with adjustable back-rest equipped with gas pump.  

  The Podiatry Chair reaches the height of 128 cm at maximum leg-rest extension
The front castors allow the rotation of the Podiatry Chair. Integrated brake lever  to lock the rotation
Adjustable back rest equipped with gas pump operated by manual lever.
High resistant PU collapsing arm-rest to facilitate the access and the exit of the Patient. Easy clean and disinfaction.
Telescopic  leg-rest opening at 90°  and performing a vertical movement of 90° adjustable by the handles on the sides. PROVIDED IN THE STANDARD VERSION
The leg-rest can stretch 200mm on its support axis.
1. Back-rest UP
2. Back-rest DOWN
3. Activate Tilt movement of the Chair
4. Deactivate Tilt movement of the Chair
Foot control
The +  button on the left side of the foot control activate the Chair’s synchronized lifting and tilting movement. The - button on the right side of the foot control activate the Chair’s synchronized descent and decrease of the inclination. PROVIDED IN THE M1 VERSION
Zero position memory function. OPTIONAL


33 colours available:
The visible-resolution graphics on a computer screen may be different from the natural color of the coating. Always consult the color chart provided by BTC