ORTHO SOCK is a brand new Customized Medical Device, conceived to solve all clinical cases where  traditional methods (Insoles or silicone orthotics) can provide only partial or not effective results.
- Hallux valgus. It can protect the foot joint without creating any clutter between the fingers.
- Callus.For either dorsal or plantar (due to gait problems).
- Heel pain. It can provide Patients suffering from talalgia with a soft and cushioning support.
- Narrow Shoe. High heels or Sport/Dance shoe: ORTHO SOCK is the perfect tool for the Podiatrist in order
to provide protection or unloading, every time he does not have enough space for a traditional Insole or silicone Orthotics.
- Alternative to bandages felting. Ideal for Patients treated with bandages or wounds paddings, who will not have to return to the Podiatrists workpatient on a regular bases.
- Alternative to the Insole

ORTHO SOCK method consists of transforming an ordinary sock provided by the Patient into a Customized Medical Device, by means of the application of a portion of polymer gel, perfectly adapting to the specific requirements of the Patient.
This portion of material is fixed to the sock permanently, by a very specific procedure (which does not involve any use of glues) to relieve or solve the foot distress.
ORTHO SOCK can provide a customized solution for all clinical cases in which the pathologies are caused by friction between the skin and the shoe, or hyper pressure due to incorrect mechanical gait.
ORTHO SOCK material:
It is an innovative polymeric gel, protected by industrial secrecy, patented and certified, presenting completely new features:
- Very powerful Shock Absorber material
- Fire retardant
- Antistatic
- Washable
- Sterilizable
ORTHO SOCK procedure:
The ORTHO SOCKpatented procedure does not require bulky equipment. It is simple, practical, quick to perform and easy to manufacture.
Such a specific procedure allows the Podiatrist to achieve a perfect adhesion of the polymer gel to any type of tissue. The thickness of 3mm is suitable to create a very soft layer, able to eliminate any slippage or instability in the rearfoot or forefoot.
The ORTHO SOCK procedure does not exceed 10 minutes of work.
In case the Podiatrist needs to replicate the ORTHO SOCK device several times on the same sock, the new procedure will take only 5 minutes, as the model obtained the first time has been kept and used again.

ORTHO SOCK is a completely different device from all others existing in Podiatry.
Release time from 5 to 10 minutes. 
The Patient can immediately test its effectiveness.

Patient is not forced to put it on, like an Insole.
It can be worn by the Patient as an ordinary sock.
It does not require to be applied between the fingers as a silicone orthosis.
Reduced dimensions of the complete kit which can fit even in small working environments It is always in contact with the Patients foot, at every stage of his gait.
Able to replace traditional bandages and felting.
Washable like an ordinary sock. Does not deteriorate easily. Its durability is not related to the material (polymer gel) but rather to the sock exploitation and wear and tear.
Able to solve all clinical cases where traditional methods (Insoles or silicone orthosis) can provide only partial or not effective results.

-- Protection. The portion of polymer gel will completely cover the area to be protected, avoiding any rubbing
of the foot. 
-- Pressure release. The Podiatrist can obtain an effective re-distribution of the load, by applying polymer gel
cover on the surrounding areas of the foot, while keeping free the injured area.
After each examination, ORTHO SOCK will let the Podiatrist perform the proper Diagnosis and finding the best therapeutic solutions to adopt.

Some examples here below:
Hallux valgus
Dorsal Callus
Side Callus
Plantar Corns
Heel pathologies
Rough tissue and redness
Biomechanic pathologies

The ORTHO SOCK Customized Medical Device can also be placed between/in combination with other Medical devices.

ORTHO SOCK has been tested on most types of socks: from stockings and technical socks, to cotton socks. It has been tested on all materials and fabrics.
ORTHO SOCK is perfect for all Patients at every age: from young athletes, men and women (even the elderly) to Patients suffering from vasculopathy or diabetes.
Each test on the polymer gel has given positive outcome, showing how its durability is not related to the material (polymer gel) but rather to the sock exploitation and wear and tear.
For that reason, the choice of the sock is relevant, in order to guarantee ORTHO SOCK durability as well as to enhance all its potential and functionality over time.
The sock must be provided by the Patient: brand new and able to perfectly fit the size of his foot. It must remain comfortable to wear, never slide while walking and manufactured with high quality fabrics.
Ordinary sock
Technical sock
Seamless sock