BTC Company is the result of specific professional experiences gathered together. 
BTC Medical Equipment develops and manufactures Units and Chairs for Podiatry, Orthotics Grinders, Orthotics Vacuum Press, Static and Dynamic Podoscopes. The R&D Department counts on decades of hands-on experience, and can rely on professional Podiatrists’ advice and guidance in order to define the best technical solutions to be adopted on all developed and manufactured equipment. The Company enjoys a higher level of competitiveness thanks to fast and efficient response to all market needs; R&D dept. constantly researches for innovative solutions .  Orders are processed and dispatched in shorter time than most competitors in the market, and the range of personalization available to customers makes BTC equipment custom made to each single Professional request and needs. BTC is constantly committed to the research of new projects and innovative solutions for professional Operators. BTC range of products is designed and manufactured  according to the highest quality standards, it  follows on from specific guidelines: ergonomic, reliable, easy on the eye design, simple to use for the operators.   
Moreover, BTC is involved in every stage upon client selection of the equipment, from interior design to the installation in the cabinet, offering continual functional and technical support.                              
Acting as a promoter of educational events, such as workshops and conferences, BTC is becoming an authoritative reference point for all the operators.